Individual Intensives

We recommend individual intensive coaching for high value physicians. It is not uncommon for hospitals, medical groups or societies to have an urgent issue with a valuable physician or surgeon who is a high earner but having difficulties with peers, staff, medical boards or other authorities. The loss of such an individual is costly and replacement, including lost earnings, may well cost over a million dollars. This is even more expensive when the high costs of litigation are included.  In these situations it is worthwhile for an organization to invest time and money in helping these disruptive physicians with executive coaching and anger management.

 Coaching for Physicians  specializes in helping organizations retain physicians and surgeons who are burned out, disruptive or lack the necessary  skills to work well with other staff members and patients.  Don’t lose a valuable staff member because of these issues, help them stop disruptive behavior with coaching from Coaching for Physicians. Our individual intensive coaching usually lasts a full day or longer. Follow up is achieved with monthly on-site visits and frequent telephone coaching. All intensives are preceded with a personality assessment (usually the EverythingDiSC profile) of the individual physician or surgeon. In most cases a 360° assessment is needed and we prefer the easy to understand and less threatening EverythingDiSC 363 for Leaders report. If you are an administrator, attorney or physician executive who needs help with a high value, disruptive physician call us at 505-280-4284 for an estimate of costs for this important service for these unique individuals.

Individualized Anger Management for Disruptive Doctors
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